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Welcome to Kumera

Kumera Corporation is a Technology
Company with strong engineering
and manufacturing capabilities.

Technology Division

The Technology Division is specialized
in process equipment for energy,
environmental and metallurgical industries.

Kumera Corporation

The Kumera Corporation is a
worldwide marketer of manufactured
products and engineering services.
The corporation consists of three
major operating divisions.

Power Transmission Group

The Power Transmission Group provides
a comprehensive range of mechanical
power transmissions for major industries.

Metal Foundry Division

Peiron Oy as the leading company produces
all types of steel and iron castings,
forming a link in the vertical refining
chain of Kumera Corporation.


Kumera Power-Plaza is the online digital
marketplace for Kumera Power Transmissions
and associated spare parts.

Kumera Service

Kumera has an extensive program for
gear service, from delivery of spare
and wearing parts to comprehensive
repair and maintenance projects and
service contracts.

We provide equipment and services for the following industries.
Please choose your area of interest.

Mining and Minerals Industry

Metal Industries

Cement Industry

Material Handling


Pulp and Paper Industry

Woodhandling Industry

Environmental Industry

Energy Production

Chemical Industry

Marine and Off-shore Industry

Food Industry

Kumera Power-Plaza is a free online
designer tool for industrial and marine

The easiest way to:

  • select proper gearbox
  • receive gearbox drawings in requested format
  • get time of delivery and quotation
  • have complete spare parts service and shipment