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Case hardening and ADI heat treatment services for machine parts

Kumera has extensive capabilities and decades of experience in heat treatment processes of steel and iron materials. Our highly automated heat treatment line is capable of providing a wide range of heat treatments. The facility consists of modern pit furnaces, salt and oil baths, and a washing system. We can generate a controlled atmosphere with nitrogen, propane, endogas, and air in the carburizing and austenitizing furnace. The furnaces can hold parts sized up to 1800 mm in height and 1500 mm in diameter and weighing up to 2500 kg.

The heat treatment line is used for different case hardening processes. These include the conventional processes such as quench hardening, direct hardening, and core refining, e.g., double quench hardening. We temper harden steel, as well. Temper hardening is a treatment, where quench hardening is followed by tempering at a high temperature. This results in excellent ductility and toughness. In addition to case hardening treatments, the salt immersion capability makes it possible to utilize isothermal processes.

We also provide a variety of annealing heat treatments for heavy components in our largest furnace. A part with dimensions up to 7000 x 6000 x 2000 mm and weight up to 25 t fits into the furnace. Typical treatments are stress relieving, ageing, soft annealing, recrystallization, and recovery. Austempering of cast irons produces “ADI” - austempered ductile iron. ADI has as good mechanical properties as steel but is lighter in mass. This process is widely used in the machinery building industry.

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