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Kumera Steam Drying Plant for Lignite

Due to the fact that lignite-fired power plants are generating high CO2 emissions, Kumera has developed Kumera Drying Plant to reduce the emissions and to allow power plants to meet new EU environmental legislation regarding emissions, Kumera Drying Plant dries lignite from its moisture content normally from 55% down to less than 10%. By doing so the total efficiency of a lignite-fired power plant is substantially improved and the CO2 emission is remarkably low.

The main equipment of Kumera Drying Plant is Kumera Steam Dryer, which is low energy consuming and represents very high availability. Safety issues are taken into account in the engineering of the whole lignite drying plant.

The capacity can be adjusted according to the lignite power plant requirements, due to the module design of the Lignite Drying Plant.

Benefits of the Kumera Steam Drying Plant for Lignite:

  • highest availability
  • low steam consumption
  • proven technology
  • very high energy efficiency
  • low operational costs
  • favourable CAPEX
  • worldwide service and maintenance

Lignite dryer

Kumera Steam Dryer is a patented solution. Technical specifications and references available upon request.

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