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Kumera AS acquires Helseth AS

Kumera AS acquires Helseth AS


The acquisition is an important step in Kumera’s strategy for growth in the marine sector – now enabling Kumera to deliver complete and integrated propulsion packages consisting of propellers, gearboxes and control systems. Kumera and Helseth have also previously worked closely together on various projects. In March 2018 the companies supplied a complete propulsion solution for two SWATHs under construction in Taiwan. These SWATH vessels will service the growing wind farm industry in Taiwan, commencing operation later this year.

  • The range of marine gearboxes from Kumera and CP propellers from Helseth is a perfect match covering engine power range from 200 to 5000 kW, says Glenn Eliassen, Managing Director at Kumera.

Based on the strong industrial and financial position of Kumera and the companies’ high-quality gearboxes and propellers, the unified companies will deliver a very competitive alternative to the market – well fitted to a wide range of vessel types.

  • Helseth CP propellers are widely used in service and work boats, fishing vessels, cargo vessels and different high-speed vessels. Together with Kumera-gearboxes we see great opportunity for growth on a global basis, says Torgeir Markhus, Managing Director at Helseth.

Kumera AS (Norway) has more than 50 years of experience within marine gearbox manufacturing and more than 7500 gearboxes currently in operation onboard vessels worldwide. Over the last few years, Kumera AS has undertaken significant investments into development of propulsion gearboxes. In addition, Kumera offers gearboxes adapted to various hybrid solutions and also has the capability to deliver tailor-made solutions for specific projects.

Helseth AS (Norway) has more than 100 years of experience within propulsion. The core business is controllable pitch propellers (CPP), but they also offer a range of manually adjustable pitch propellers (APP) combined with reverse gearboxes. The range of CP propellers delivered is up to 4500 mm propeller diameter.

Kumera Corporation (Finland) is a significant gearbox manufacturer offering a wide range of solutions to different industries (pulp and paper, mining, metallurgic industry, marine industry, etc.). Kumera Corporation has production and subsidiaries in Finland, Norway, China, Germany and Austria with a total turnover around € 70 mill. of which gearboxes counts for 65%. Over the years more than 200.000 Kumera gearboxes has been delivered. Based on their strong financial position, Kumera Corporation has a clear dedication to further investments and growth.


Contact person Kumera AS:

Glenn Eliassen

Managing Director

Mobile: +47 90 89 21 22

Email: [email protected]


Contact person Helseth AS:

Torgeir Markhus

Managing Director

Mobile: +47 90 05 34 18

Email: [email protected]

Kumera Corporation, Kumerankatu 2 FI-11100 Riihimäki, Suomi Puh. +358 20 7554 200[email protected] legal notice