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Marine Gearbox for China Rescue-organization

Marine Gearbox for China Rescue-organization


Kumera (China) Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of Kumera Corporation and is situated in Kunshan, about 50 km from Shanghai.

At the moment, China has a big and ambitious plan to modernize its harbor functionality as well as develop the economy of its archipelago. Therefore, the demand for various kinds of working boats is on the rise.

Kumera AS of Kumera Corporation in Norway is a trusted partner of Chinese ship owners and has delivered top quality gearboxes to its customers for over 50 years in terms of the Fi-Fi application. The good reputation and success of Kumera AS has in its part enabled Kumera (China) Co.,Ltd to receive a total order of 17 sets of gearboxes with CCS Certificate for the China Rescue organization. These gearboxes are being manufactured for China Rescue's new kinds of pioneer working boats.

So far, we have delivered 10 sets of these gearboxes for six ships. The latest two sets were delivered for the ship Dong Hai Jiu 102. This vessel has a propulsion power of 12000kW and its water monitor is working with a distance of about 300 m.

These Kumera gearboxes are a joint project of Kumera AS in Norway and Kumera (China) Co.,Ltd. Kumera AS is the one behind the innovation and design and we at Kumera (China) Co.,Ltd facility are responsible for the manufacture.

The gearboxes are provided with comprehensive condition monitoring. You have monitoring instruments for the clutch and driving systems in terms of the various pressure transmitter and switch, temperature transmitter and switch for oil and bearing.

The gearboxes have already been tested at sea trials and they have been proven to fully meet the application requirements.


Eddy Lu
Deputy GM


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