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Foundry activities of Kumera Corporation are carried out by Peiron Oy.

The foundry produces industrial castings in steel and iron - both alloyed and non-alloyed - for mechanical power transmissions of a wide range of industrial and marine applications, and process machinery.


The customers of our foundry include a number of Finnish and foreign companies within the mining and metallurgical industries, pulp and paper machinery makers and power plants.

The Foundry Division forms a link in our vertical refining chain, creating synergy in Kumera's production strategy, which is all for the benefit of our customers.

The main products of the Foundry Division are:

  • grey cast iron
  • nodular iron
  • construction steels
  • steels for quenching and tempering
  • heat-resistant steels
  • stainless steels
  • wear-resistant cast steels and irons
  • special castings
  • patterns

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