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Industrial Gearbox Service



Kumera Industrial Gearbox Service Centers

Kumera Service Centers in Europe, Asia and North and South America covers widely the need of professional gear repairs activities all over the world. These industrial gearbox Service Centers are equipped with most modern equipment for gearbox service and repairs in respect of all included measuring and controlling devices and gear manufacturing facilities.

The locations of Kumera Industrial Gearbox Service Centers for gear repair are indicated in Kumera webpages as “Contacts” with the information of gear machining, machine tools and measuring devices capabilities.

The usage of professional service staff and original spare parts is a milestone in the long lasting Kumera Power Transmission elements to securing the successful operation of the processes.

Scheduled maintenance of industrial gearboxes

It is a great importance that industrial gearboxes running and transmitting the power in the essential rotating processes are regularly and properly maintained.  Scheduled maintenance is a key element in Kumera Service Program and includes thorough investigation and prevention of any malfunction in the forthcoming future.  Normally Kumera scheduled maintenance is substantial part of the Plant’s total supervising of the maintenance responsibilities of the whole processing plant, modernizations and replacements of old gearboxes. 

Industrial Gearbox Service and Plant Modernization

Kumera Service Concept includes plant modernization where practically all mechanical power transmissions, which have low efficiency, such as high ratio worm gear units in continuous operation or gearwheels having poor tooth contacts, etc. shall be replaced by new Kumera high efficient gearboxes and other power transmission elements. The replacements will be planned in advance so that a smooth change of gearboxes and other elements shall be carried out without any delay and production processes are undertaken at all the time.

Benefits of the Kumera Service Concept for Industrial Gearbox Service

  • Kumera Corporation has over 70-years of experience in manufacturing, servicing and repairing of industrial and marine gearboxes 
  • Global service network for industrial and marine gearbox repair to deliver high-quality services promptly
  • Availability to repair and service all types of industrial and marine gearboxes regardless of manufacturer
  • Manufacturing of special and customized spare part
  • High-quality manufacturing processes for geared parts
  • Qualified team of experts and consulting helpline at your service 24/7
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