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Industrial Gearbox Spare parts



Kumera Industrial Gearbox Spare Parts Program

All Kumera industrial gearbox spare parts meet the high manufacturing standards and are identified as original spare part. When assembled in proper way and measured by Kumera Service Team member or authorized Kumera Service fitter the spare part guarantees the successful performance of gearbox or other power transmission element.

Kumera industrial gearbox spare parts may be assembled to all major manufacturers gearboxes.

Ordering of the Industrial Gearbox Spare Parts

The ordering of any industrial gearbox spare part for Kumera Gearboxes is easily done at Kumera Power-Plaza which is trading portal of all Kumera Power Transmissions and their industrial gearbox spare parts ordering system.  By indicating the serial number or any other identification of the specific gearbox the user receives Bill of Material and Assembly Drawing for identification of which industrial gearbox spare parts are needed.  The shipment is quickly carried out due to the stock availability.  If the spare part is to be manufactured the time of delivery is shortest possible in case of emergency due to the fact that Kumera Manufacturing Plants have all work phases in the total production.

You may also contact our Industrial Gearbox Spare Parts specialist via our Contact –pages 

Benefits of the Kumera Service Concept for Industrial Gearbox Service

  • Kumera Corporation has over 70-years of experience in manufacturing, servicing and repairing of industrial and marine gearboxes
  • Global service network for industrial and marine gearbox repair to deliver high-quality services promptly
  • Availability to repair and service all types of industrial and marine gearboxes regardless of manufacturer 
  • Manufacturing of special and customized spare part 
  • High-quality manufacturing processes for geared parts
  • Qualified team of experts and consulting helpline at your service 24/7
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