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Norway, Sandefjord - Kumera AS

Kumera Norway

Kumera AS in Sandefjord, Norway, produces and markets Norgear Marine Transmission gears. The company was originally founded in 1948.

Kumera AS has delivered high quality power transmissions to the maritime industry for more than 80 years. The company is a member of the Kumera Corporation of Finland. Kumera in-house capabilities include R&D, design, foundry work, steel fabrication, gear cutting and casehardening facilities. - See more at: http://www.kumera.no/produkt/#sthash.wsfH7jJN.dpuf

The Norgear products consist of a wide range of marine applications: speed increasing drives for fire-fighting pumps, in electrical and hydraulic power supplies, and speed reducing drives for thruster propellers.

kumera marine

The designs of all Kumera marine transmissions are based on longterm cooperation with our customers.

The main products are:

  • Step-up and Reduction Gear Units
  • Multishaft PTO Gear Units
  • Right Angle Gear Units
  • Propulsion Gear Units
  • Hydraulic Clutch Units

All the gear units of Kumera AS are manufactured according to the standards of leading international classification societies.

In addition to its sales activities, Kumera AS undertakes gear maintenance services.

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