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Kumera Paper Machine Drives

Kumera Unwind Gearbox

Kumera Unwind Gearbox

Kumera Integrated Roll Gearbox

Kumera Integrated Roll Gearbox

Kumera Drives is a prominent designer, manufacturer and ser­vice provider of mechanical pow­er transmissions. The experience gathered over decades guaran­tees high expertise and innova­tive quality products and services for today’s paper making indus­try. Depending on customers’ needs, we can offer a product from our standard gear range as well as tailor made solutions just for the special need.

We are working on constant prod­uct improvement in close collab­oration with our customers, orig­inal equipment manufacturers (OEMs), research institutes and end-users. This cooperation en­ables us to adapt the latest tech­nology and new demands set for power transmissions equipment. A goal for all our operations is to improve the customer’s efficiency through innovative power trans­mission solutions.

Complete Drive Package

In the paper making process, essential re­quirements for power transmis­sions are reliability and usability in order to keep the production running. The Kumera Drives com­plete drive system meets those requirements. Design en­gineering, drive systems, tailor-made replacement gears and modernization projects are our core expertise in power transmis­sions.

All components in a drive pack­age are integrated into a well-functioning construction. Our de­livery includes gear drives, cou­plings, flexible drive shafts, safety guards, and engineering for layout and foundation plates. A custom­er benefits from not only our high-quality products but also from our complete gear service, application expertise, and flexibility in engineering.

Products for Paper Machines:

  • Drives for Paper Making Lines
  • Integrated Roll Drives
  • Unwind and Wind-up Drives
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Finishing Area Drives
  • Vertical Pulper Drives
  • Horizontal Pulper Drives
  • Dryer Section Drives
  • Headbox Drives
  • Doctor Drives
  • Calender Drives

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