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Kumera Pulp Mill Drives

Kumera Drives is a prominent designer, manufacturer and service provider of mechanical power transmissions. The experience gathered over decades guarantees high expertise and innovative quality products and services for today’s pulp making industry. Depending on customers’ needs, we can offer a product from our standard gear range as well as tailor-made solutions just for the special need.

Kumera Drives expertise in power transmissions for pulp and paper making begins from the understanding of the requirements set for the customer’s process and end product.

Choosing the right mechanical drive unit for individual applications in the pulp making has a decisive effect on the functionality and the efficiency of the whole process affecting the end product quality. Kumera Drives supplies all the necessary drive units for wood handling, mechanical and chemical pulp processing, chemical recovery and pulp dewatering.

Long lifetime, running reliability and low noise and vibration levels of gear units are achieved by studying persistently our customers’ demanding pulp processes. Easy and preventive maintenance, and a global service network improves operational reliability minimizing damages and costs of shutdowns.


Products for Pulp Processing applications:

  • Classifier Drives
  • Feeder Drives
  • Top separator Drives
  • Diffuser Drives
  • Tower scraper Drives
  • Fiber drum Drives
  • Refiner Drives
  • Lime kiln Drives
  • Causticizing Drives
  • Filter Drives
  • Agitator Drives
  • Former Drives
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Press Drives

Gearbox assembly

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