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Kumera Steam Dryer for Nickel Concentrate

Kumera Steam Dryer is a patented solution for drying nickel concentrate as well as other abrasive materials. Steam is normally available from a waste-heat boiler, serving Kumera Steam Dryer, but it can also be obtained from a recovery boiler of the acid plant at the smelter. The construction has unique features, which allow high availability and consume less energy.

Through Kumera Steam Dryer, a nickel smelter can reduce the harmful emissions such as CO2SO2, NOx and dust.

Drying is necessary in many smelting technologies; for example, all flash smelting processes of copper and nickel production.

Kumera Steam Dryer is widely used all over the world due to its lowest opex compared to any other concentrates drying facility.

In addition to Kumera Steam Dryer itself, the scope of supply can include the concentrate feeder, condensate handling system and bag house filter.

Benefits of the Kumera Steam Dryer:

  • high capacity of
    concentrate feed rate at 240 t/h
  • high capacity of water evaporation rate at up to 25 t/h 
  • very high energy efficiency
  • lowest specific energy
    consumption of any dryers
  • zero gas emission, i.e. CO2, SO2, NOX,
  • lowest dust emission
    rate due to low gas flow rate
  • lowest operational
    expenses of any dryer
  • lowest need for
    maintenance of any dryer
  • highest availability of
    any concentrate dryer
  • due to almost complete in-house manufacturing also very challenging the delivery times can be met

Nickel steam dryer

Kumera Steam Dryer is a patented solution. Technical specifications and references available upon request. 

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