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Kumera Steam Drying Plant for Oil Shale

There are a number of minerals and metal concentrates which need to be dried prior to further processing, e.g. smelting, combustion, gasification. Typically such materials contain 8-15 % water. Removal of this water is either a necessity due to subsequent process requirements, or it is simply beneficial due to process economics. Therefore, unnecessary heating of vapour can thus be eliminated, resulting in major energy savings and reduction of CO2 emission.

Due to wide usage of oil shale as an energy source nowadays, Kumera has developed Kumera Drying Facility for oil shale drying. Comprehensive pilot tests were made before the final concept was achieved. Kumera Drying Facility consists mainly of proven constructional features of the Kumera Steam Dryer. Module design allows high capacities based on the local requirements of oil shale drying. High availability and very low energy consumption characterize Kumera Drying Facility, which does not generate any harmful emissions.

Benefits of the Kumera Steam Drying Plant for Oil Shale:

  • effective process in reduction of moisture content
  • high energy efficiency
  • maintenance friendly
  • highest availability
  • low OPEX and CAPEX figures
  • worldwide service

Dryer for oil shale

Kumera Steam Dryer is a patented solution. Technical specifications and references available upon request.

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