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Peiron Oy is participating in The Work Cycle Carries - the future project of Technology Industries of Finland

Peiron Oy is participating in The Work Cycle Carries - the future project of Technology Industries of Finland


We at Peiron have decided to take part in the project called The Work Cycle Carries that's designed to bring positive changes in our personnel’s experience of well-being at work. The promotion of well-being at work is based on co-operation. This implies that the development is planned and implemented together with the employers’ and employees’ representatives. Better results are achieved by all parties’ commitment to common goals, an atmosphere of mutual trust and a culture of co-operation.

The main realizer of the Work Cycle Carries -project is the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. Important partners and co-realizers are Metalworkers’ Union, Trade Union Pro and Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN.

The goal of the project is to support work places in work cycle management and to promote well-being at work and to encourage towards a co-operation culture in the workplaces. The project also aims to bring about a change in attitudes both among the employers and the employees and to improve productivity in the work places. With Work Cycle Carries -project we're pursuing to decrease sick leaves, to extend careers, to cut down the amount of accidents and also to improve our profitability.

Work Cycles Carries -project offers to work places:
- The access to the extranet website of the project with new tools for work cycle management, e.g. Work Cycle Dialogue,
- Training and seminars on work cycle management and well-being at work,
- Possibilities for networking with other work places and for learning good practices from others as well as comparison data on indicators from other work places,
- Personal Radar questionnaires and a method to set up a well-being plan.

For the project at Peiron, we have now gathered eight people as our team in which each personnel group is represented. The team has already had couple of meetings and also few training sessions. The project work itself will be started with a Personal Radar questionnaire, that is designed to examine the starting point situation and also to find out the targets of improvements for taking the project forward.

Our project is funded partially by ESR-fund of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The project ends in October 2018. The goal is to involve one hundred companies in Finland.

Marko Telenius
Managing Director/Peiron Oy


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