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The success of Kumera Drives continued in 2016 in the marketplace

The success of Kumera Drives continued in 2016 in the marketplace


Kumera Drives is a supplier of industrial gearboxes and related services predominantly to global Pulp & Paper, Mining & Minerals as well as other industries. Turnover grew in both the new build sales and the aftersales thanks to global pulp & paper projects, in which Kumera was chosen to be a supplier of more than 800 application specific gearboxes. The success is based on active customer service, best fit to solution gearboxes, long-term customer relations and excellent knowledge of customers’ applications. Market effort is focused especially on the Mining & Minerals segment, where products like girth gears and drives, heavy-duty agitator gearboxes and customized catalogue gearboxes faced major growth.

The global presence was broadened by signing a representation agreement with South African based Harcliff Mining and Services Company. Consequently, our traditional presence in Europe, Asia and South America is therefore expanded also to sub Saharan territory.

Growing product offering

The first Kumera Active Drive (KAD) for a girth gear application has been successfully delivered and commissioned into operation in Turkey in September 2016. The customer was able to reduce the installation time by choosing the Kumera Active Drive instead of a conventional girth gear drive.

New planetary thickener drive and Guard Gear 4.0 condition monitoring device were released in May 2016. The new planetary thickener drive increases the efficiency of thickening and clarifying processes significantly. It also represents a fully new technical solution for the applications. First customer deliveries shall take place in September 2017.

Guard Gear 4.0 is a 4th generation condition monitoring system offering real time health analysis of gearboxes. Guard Gear 4.0 is flexibly configurable, and the sensors can be chosen from a wide range of commercially available sensors. Prevailing IoT (Internet of Things) features enables remote monitoring through a cloud service.

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