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Kumera Maintenance Trainings

Kumera Maintenance Trainings


Kumera’s Life Cycle Services comprise wide range of different kind of services. It includes spare parts, maintenance & repairs, services and installations at customer premises as well as product condition monitoring, gear upgrades and various design services and training.

Kumera organizes industrial gearbox maintenance training for industrial equipment manufacturers and end customers, both in Finland and worldwide. We always customize our training topics and schedules according to our customer's wishes and needs.

This spring, we organized a maintenance training in Santiago together with our South American co-operation partner, Maestranza Diesel. The training was held in Chile on April 13, 2017 and we had a total of 18 mechanics and engineers participating from Santiago, Concepción and Antofagasta. The training was a full day course, focusing on the maintenance, installation and commissioning of gears. Our training raised a great number of questions and interest would have sufficed for even longer training. Antti Koppinen, Senior Maintenance Manager at Kumera acted as a principal trainer in Chile.

Our latest training session was held at the premises of Kumera in Riihimäki on April 26-27, 2017. It was tailored for our client Willards AB, a company from Kiiruna, North Sweden, that specializes in gear and drive system services.

A total of eight people participated in our two-day training. This training was more detailed and thorough including for example gear engineering and construction as well as assembly of bearings and space adjustment. Our acting trainers here were Senior Sales Manager Veli-Matti Honkala and Maintenance Manager Antti Koppinen. 

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