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New supplies on FI-FI and Hybrid Propulsion by Kumera AS, Norway

New supplies on FI-FI and Hybrid Propulsion by Kumera AS, Norway


Kumera AS in Norway manages the maritime segment within the Kumera Corporation. Adapted propulsion gearboxes for hybrid systems are the key products of Kumera AS, in addition to front-end gearboxes for Fi-Fi and other PTO drives.

Kumera AS is continuosly working on developing and improving our most renowned product, the Fi-Fi drive gearbox. The new model FVIC-275, was formally launched last autumn at SMM exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. Since then Kumera has made deliveries for a total of 18 units (for two contracts) to our agent Marsis in Turkey. All gearboxes will be integrated with pumps supplied by Standart Pompa in Istanbul.

Further, Kumera AS is now making it's first delivery where the Fi-Fi pumps are also included in our scope of supply. The pumps are integrated with the gearboxes into a very compact and efficient package. The contract is for two ship sets to Tyco in South Korea, and will be delivered by early autumn this year.

Future markets will most likely lie on hybrid propulsion. The motivation herein is both economic and environmental. Many different concepts of hybrid set-up are considered in new-build projects, although yet, fewer are actually built.

Kumera's hybrid delivery to the Azimuth Stern Drive Tug “BB Power” has proven to be a success after more than two years of flawless operation. Close collaboration with our customers enables Kumera to offer to it's customers the best possible hybrid solutions with top quality adapted gearboxes.

The new Dual Fuel Escort tug, RAstar 4000-DF, is the first one in a series of three, built at Gondan shipyard in Spain for Østensjø Rederi in Norway. The last two will be completed by the end of August 2017. We're very proud to have supplied the front-end gearboxes for this project, powering both Fi-Fi and hydraulic pumps. A model of the vessel is shown in the picture above. 


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