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Kumera Testing Center

Kumera Testing Center


Kumera Testing Center was founded in 2013 to expand the R&D capabilities of Kumera. Our goal is to develop new solutions for improving the energy efficiency and reliability of our products. We also perform drying tests for prospective customers. Test are made to determine the drying characteristics of the materials and compatibility of their materials with our drying equipment.

Pilot-scale drying tests can be implemented both with the Kumera Steam Dryer and with the new Heat Recovery Dryer. Continuous drying tests may be performed with a capacity of up to 1t/h for durations ranging from hours to several days. The pilot-scale testing is supplemented with a wide range of laboratory tests including the tests for drying behavior, clogging and fouling. New test methods are continuously being developed to help designing the dryers for current and new materials.

Kumera Testing Center is currently undergoing some major changes to improve the flexibility of our facilities. The material handling setup, including the feeding system, is refined to accept a broader range of materials and to make it easier to operate different process layouts.

To design technologies of the highest efficiency and availability requires significant research and development work. Therefore Kumera is also cooperating with different research organizations and universities. With these methods Kumera continues to deliver innovative, clean and efficient solutions that respond to the needs of our customers.


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