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To all our Business Partners

To all our Business Partners


Dear Sir or Madam,

Voith Turbo has recently implemented a worldwide success program. Within this framework we intend to focus on our portfolio of main competencies and markets in the fields of Mobility and Industry. This has resulted in Voith Turbo Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG deciding to phase out the business for Stationary Gearboxes, Spare Parts and Services for Stationary Gearboxes.

The sale of Stationary Gearbox-Business was signed with our longstanding business partner, Kumera Antriebstechnik GmH located in Graz. The contract of sale was concluded and finalized at the end of September 2016.

Kumera Corporation is a worldwide marketer of manufactured products and engineering services in the field of power transmissions and has been supplying industrial drives, gearboxes and services to a global customer base over years. This experience has made Kumera one of the leading manufacturers of these sophisticated products and services.

We request that all inquiries are to be forwarded to and processed by Kumera with immediate effect. Orders that have been settled will not be affected.

Your future contact partner will be:

KUMERA Antriebstechnik GmbH
Raiffeisenstr. 38-40 
8010 Graz


Phone: +43 316 47 15 24-0
Fax: +43 316 46 25 50
email: [email protected]

We want to thank you for your collaboration and support over the years and wish you every success in all future endeavors. 

Mag. Nicole Moser
Managing Director/Voith Turbo Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG

Helmut Hochegger
Managing Director/Kumera Antriebstechnik GmbH

Kumera Corporation, Kumerankatu 2 FI-11100 Riihimäki, Finland Tel. +358 20 7554 200[email protected] Legal Notice / Privacy / Code of Conduct