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Subcontratação de soldagem em maquinário pesado

Semi-automated welding

Both automatic and manual welding have their advantages. Semi-automatic welding combines the best features of these techniques. It has a robot's precision, quality and superhuman reach while still working under the command of its human operator's intelligence. The operator monitors the process and can make necessary corrections to the welding parameters immediately when required by the environment.

Parts with weld lengths up to 90 000 mm can be welded by our array of welding manipulators due to their rail travel system. The parts can also be rotated with rollers. The manipulators have an extensive range of 4000 mm vertical and 6000 mm horizontal stroke. Kumera has manipulators for GMAW, Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG and MAG), and SAW Submerged Arc Welding. In order to reach the highest possible quality in welding pipes and other tubular pieces, we utilize state-of-the-art orbital welding equipment. In orbital welding a TIG electrode rotates around, or orbits, the welded object continually. Heavy structures welded of various steel materials are our core activity. Product specialization in rotary equipment, machine housings, and components for various industries.

Qualidade certificada do maquinário Kumera

  • A empresa possui um selo da ASME U ( American Society of Mechanical Engineers Quality Standard) que permite entregas de vasos de pressão nos Estados Unidos e Canadá, entre muitos outros países.
  • A empresa possui habilitação PED ( Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC)) que contampla entregas de equipamento de pressão na Comunidade Europeia, de acordo com o módulo G (verificação CE por unidade).
  • A empresa possui habilitação em conformidade com as normas e a supervisão das sociedades de classificação marítima.
  • A empresa possui habilitação em conformidade com os requisitos do ISO 9001, Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade, ISO 3834-2, requisitos de qualidade para soldagem por fusão de materiais metálicos e ISO 14001 - Sistemas de Gestão Ambiental.

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